Fully Trained Gundog

At Glasybont, our heritage is with training the traditional shooting companion.

  • Steady to shot and game in both fur and feather. Will sit with you off lead for extended durations with heavy distractions.
  • Trained to Hunt (if applicable) in a structured way using field craft to make best use of the ground available.
  • Trained to retrieve game both as scene and blind.
  • Trained to take directional control by both hand and whistle and extended distances.

To prepare a fully trained gundog, we start from the breeding and then the foundation program and then move onto the shooting field. The dogs will have experienced in excess of 20 days in the field and as part of the handover the new client will spend at least 2 days shooting and handling the new dog with our guidance and support.

Training a working gundog starts with the breeding selection and the briefing of the expectations of the new owner / handler. Some of the questions to consider are but not limited to:

  1. How often do you want to work your new gundog?
  2. Will the dog work alone or as part of an existing team?
  3. What work do you prefer?
    1. Beating?
    2. Picking up?
    3. Shooting (peg dog)?
    4. Mix of all of the above!
  4. What ground do you most often work on?
    1. Mixed?
    2. Woodland?
    3. Moorland?
    4. Arable?
    5. Do you do water work?
  5. What size days do you want to be able to work your new gundog on?

Gaining the response to these questions allows us to have an open dialogue around the exact training requirement you have for the dog so that we can prepare a training program that will meet your requirements in the finished product.

The training is split into trimesters that allow us to ensure that the foundations are in place prior to the ‘gundog’ element of the training. The final trimester is all about observing the results in the shooting field and adjusting the training as needed to ensure that the muscle memory is in place prior to a managed handover to include train the handler.

During the final stage, we can arrange to accompany the new handler on various size days to ensure that prior to taking that first ‘solo flight’ there is complete confidence in the new partnership.