Week 1: Socialisation and Exercise

Socialisation and Exercise are very important lessons for a puppy to learn. Socialisation teaches them to learn boundaries with other dogs of what they can and can`t do, it is also very important for a dog to be able to socialise as they are very social animals. As you can see from the video the puppies like to also interact with the handler and constantly track back to them for affection and reassurance. Socialisation is also a confidence builder as they learn how to socialise so does their confidence in different social situations.

Exercise is important for all dogs but especially for puppies as this is how they become strong fit young dogs. Exercise at the age of these puppies has to be carefully monitored as to much exercise can also have a detrimental effect to their development it can cause displayed elbows and hips and also muscle damage, short bursts of 15-20 minutes maximum is perfectly adequate at 11 weeks twice a day.

Watch a video of the puppies socialising and exercising…

All about the puppies


Bertie is a little more timid than the other puppies and likes to assess a situation to start with but once he is sure of the situation is happy to play and socialise with the other puppies as he grows and becomes more confident this should ease. Bertie never misses out on a chance to come to the handler for affection he is happy to sit and have fuss for as long as he wishes to do so never misses out on food always one of the first to want feeding.


Charlie is a confident puppy and is happy to be in a social situation he looks for the handler for reassurance but is still confident to run and play with the other puppies very inquisitive and likes to taste most things he finds. Charlie loves his food and is a typical Labrador in that respect. Always happy to see his bowl of food and isn’t shy in coming forward for it.


Eddie is one of the larger puppies and is confident in most situations he will look for the handler when he isn’t so sure of what is happening. Eddie is happy to play on his own as well as in a group he will go off and explore and will sometimes lead the other puppies to play. Always confident when it comes to feed time and as a typical Labrador it doesn’t take long for him to demolish his food.