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Bode & Otto’s Litter 2024

From the mating of Bode (Leadoncourt Maat) and Otto (Sothebys Choice of Wedgnock)

  • 1 Yellow Bitch
  • 1 Yellow Dog
  • 1 Black Dog

Date of birth: 20/03/24
Available to pick up after the 15/05/24

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Shadow & Fraser’s Litter 2023

3 yellow males from mating of Shadow (Astchapel Shadow Mist of Leadoncourt) and Fraser (Kentwone Sunny)

Date of birth: 02/10/2023

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Mat placement training can be an essential training tool to teach the puppy sit and stay. It can also be used for food training your puppy you place the puppy on the mat and teach it to stay. In this first video of Alfie you can see the handler encouraging him to stay on the…

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Socialisation and Exercise are very important lessons for a puppy to learn. Socialisation teaches them to learn boundaries with other dogs of what they can and can`t do, it is also very important for a dog to be able to socialise as they are very social animals. As you can see from the video the…

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