Labrador Malinois September 2022

September 1st

The Labrador Malinois would suit an active family or individual, as both breeds enjoy regular exercise and training / stimulation. At Glasybont we have developed the Labrador Malinois to enable the higher intelligence of the Belgium Malinois to enhance the traditional traits of companionship of the working Labrador. The puppies from this breeding make an ideal dog for families who enjoy being active or have an interest in obedience, agility, search and rescue and also assistance dogs.

Being a F1 generation hybrid mating, the additional genetic diversity generally results is a longer life expectancy and enhanced health from genetic traits.

Both parents have lovely temperaments and are biddable and affectionate dogs. The father of the puppies is a working Labrador who has sired many litters that have gone on to be assistance dogs in school environment. Both parents are vaccinated and the father has been hip and elbow scored and is eye tested. He is also genetically clear of EIC, PRA, CNM and SD2.

There is 1 Bitch and 4 Dogs available for homing. Puppies will have a full vet inspection and certificate of health, first vaccination, worm treatment, microchip and the offer of free insurance while the pup is settled in to the new home. All puppies are homed with 1 month’s supply of our premium food that they are weaned onto (Royal Canin) and a comprehensive guide to living with your new puppy.