About us

What do we do

Glasybont Gundogs have experience with breeding and training Hunt, Point & Retrieve (HPR), Spaniels & Retrievers breed classifications but are recognised as one of the UK’s leading Labrador specialists.

With multiple generations of breeding lines, we are able to plan our breeding using the latest genetic testing and veterinary services to ensure that our puppies are ideally suited to forever homes.

Whether you’re a young family looking for your first family dog, an active outdoor family, or just looking for the right companion to accompany you on your next stage of life, we have the experience to advise on which mating will produce the best suited temperament gundog to join you on your journey.

If life with your new puppy includes working or training then we are able to fully support you in achieving your goals through a positive training philosophy.

Why choose Glasybont Gundogs

Deciding to bring a puppy or older trained dog into your lives is a major decision that should be taken after significant consideration. Glasybont Gundogs offer a comprehensive, professional experience based on a wealth of experience. We offer a bespoke service in selecting the breeding lines that will most suit your requirements, as well as advice on the right age at which your new puppy joins your family.

When you build a house you need a solid base, and the same is true when breeding gundogs. Our dogs are part of our family and we look to embrace and enhance the very best characteristics we see in them. Our puppies are reared in the highest welfare conditions and are handled daily by experienced adults and also by our children to ensure that the puppies are used to a family environment.

Our professional partners include Airpets, the UKs premium pet transport specialist, Royal Canin our professional range nutrition stockist, the Gundog App for remote professional training support and the Brookfield Veterinary Group.

Together we make an incredible team to support you.

How to get a Glasybont Gundog into your family

Step one is to contact us to discuss your decision and specific requirements.

Step two is to arrange a visit us to meet our adult dogs and to discuss in further detail the best options. This is part of the bespoke service that we offer to ensure you have the best start to your new journey in life with your new companion.

Step three is to confirm your decision that Glasybont Gundogs are the right partner to start you off on this journey.

Step four is to agree the timeline and join our waiting list. Remember, the best things in life are worth waiting for! You will receive regular photo and video updates so that you can be a part of your puppies life from that day they are born to the day you get the first wet lick and snuggle.

Step five is to welcome your new companion into your home.
With Glasybont Gundogs, you will receive a lifetime of support from reliable, experienced professional breeders who are dog lovers at heart and willing to share our dogs offspring with you to enrich your own life.