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Who we are

Glasybont Gundogs are a premium UK specialist Labrador breeder with established breeding lines over 5 generations available to meet at our family home in Herefordshire, nestled in the tranquil Malvern Hills.

Established in the early 1990s, our ethos is to develop fully health tested breeding lines and we bring experience in genetics and welfare to Labrador and gundog breeding the UK.


Developing our breeding lines over multiple generations, we like to think we have seen most behaviours that a Labrador can exhibit and continually strive to improve so that a Glasybont puppy will make a lifelong companion, for family homes as well as for those who wish to harness their ability to learn and work with you.

Zoe Price is a licensed breeder (N-DOG10) with Herefordshire council practicing to the higher welfare standards, so you can be confident that every Glasybont puppy has the very best start in life.

More about breeding

Site & Facilities

Our 300 acre site has all the facilities to give our dogs the highest levels of enrichment to ensure health, exercise, training and happiness which positively results through the resulting breeding programs.

Here at Glasybont, we know that if you treat your dog like your best friend, they will give you their all from the moment they first open their eyes to their final heart beat, unconditionally.

We have spent our lives with dogs and our goal is to part this experience with new owners and allow you to build your new members with your dog, memories that will be unmatched.